How to avoid overheating of electronic devices?

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How to avoid overheating of electronic devices?

Hot weather certainly does not affect our electronic equipment well. Overheating smartphones and laptops are undoubtedly a problem for many of us. But how to avoid it? We suggest what you can do to prevent your electronic devices from overheating.

Summer heat and hot rooms are a challenge not only for us but also for our electronic devices. Their overheating can lead to significant damage, so it is better to avoid it. But how to do it? We suggest.

How to protect a laptop from overheating?

Using a laptop for too long or using it in extreme heat can lead to overheating. So what to do to prevent it? First of all, try not to expose the equipment to direct sunlight. Remember also that when moving from a hot place to a colder one, for example an air-conditioned office building, let your device “acclimatize” for a few minutes. Do not start working right away, but wait a few minutes

This short rest will allow the internal processors to cool down. It’s also important not to charge your battery to full on hot days – the charging process generates a lot of heat, so try not to charge your devices to full, and refrain from using power banks while outside or in a hot room. It is also important not to use several applications at the same time, as this involves intense work, and intense work of the device makes it generate additional heat.

However, if your laptop overheats, what can you do to cool it down? First of all, turn off the device and do not use it for some time. Also, clean the vents and remember to adjust the power settings so that the device uses less power. You can also use cooling pads under your laptop, and a heat sink can be a useful gadget

Smartphone overheating

Although as a rule smartphones are rather more resistant to overheating than laptops, they may still not respond very well to high temperatures. If your smartphone overheats, first of all turn it off, take off the case and put the equipment in a shady, cool place and wait until it returns to its normal temperature. Also, remember not to connect a hot phone to the charger. Also, just like with a laptop, it’s best to avoid overloading your smartphone – turn off any features you don’t need at the moment, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and the like.

What else should you keep in mind?

What else to keep in mind to avoid overheating of electronic devices? First of all, allow air to flow freely. So make sure there is enough space around your devices to ensure faster and more efficient cooling. It’s also very important to regularly clean the fans on your computers and other equipment. Simply cleaning and vacuuming the dust and debris from the insides of the device will help them perform in harsh temperature conditions. Another extremely important rule, is not to stack the equipment on top of each other, as this will lead to faster heating.

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