Billiards table from Bugatti – why is it so expensive?

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Billiards table from Bugatti – why is it so expensive?

Bugatti company is famous for the most expensive cars in the world and technological innovations. Now the manufacturer has decided to create the world’s most expensive billiard tables.

The French company, so far connected with motorization, enters new regions and delights again. The table offered by Bugatti is distinguished not only by its fashionable, modern look, but also – as it is with Bugatti – by its technical solutions. On no other table will you be able to play a game as pleasantly as on this one.


Thanks to the cooperation with the IXO company it is equipped with gyroscopic sensors, which make the table, if it loses its perfect evenness, automatically level itself. The reaction time is just 5 milliseconds. The levelling is done by mechanised and independent raising or lowering of the table’s individual legs

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Bugatti is famous for releasing only a small number of copies. In this case we have declared the creation of only 13 billiard tables made of titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber. The whole thing will cost close to 250 thousand euros.

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