Men’s plaid shirt – how to wear it?

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Men’s plaid shirt – how to wear it?

Checked shirt is one of the most bought and often used, especially for informal styling. Unfortunately, but men sometimes create inappropriate compositions precisely with a checked shirt in the lead role. How to deal with it? We suggest.

Types of checks on shirts

Talking about the checked shirt is quite general. In practice, we can distinguish several types of plaid shirts depending on the pattern on them. Popular checks are:

  • gingham (vichy) – here we see white checks and a second color exposed on their background; very versatile, works well in semi-formal situations or as an outfit for family gatherings; worn with or without a jacket;
  • tartan (Scottish check) – a pattern present on kilts or referring to them; very often found on flannel shirts;
  • windowspane – comes in many color variations; the check here is regular and widely spaced, but thin and more difficult to see;
  • tattersall – a check suitable for everyday and semi-formal occasions, similar to windowpane, but formed by checks in two colors;
  • madras – a very fine two-tone check; ideal for elegant styles or holiday wear that you want to give a touch of understated elegance;
  • glencheck – a pattern consisting of tri-colored squares, considered to be a rather casual garment.

Advantages of a checked shirt. Why is it worth it?

First of all, as you can conclude from the presence of different types of checked shirts, it is a rather versatile garment. Different types of it can be used to create diverse styling.

Loose weekend styling

Checked shirts will always be somewhat associated with 90s fashion, but their popularity is definitely timeless. Based on them, you can create a casual weekend styling, for example with jeans. Then, the bottom of the shirt should definitely be let out of the pants. In case of long-sleeved shirts, you can also roll up the sleeves

You can also bet on a variant of outfit, where a checked shirt will be an outer garment put on a classic white or black T-shirt. The desire to personalize our clothes and stand out in the crowd may also push us to choose a shirt with an interesting print. However, we should remember that the colors of the shirt and the print should match each other

Checked shirt for lumberjack

A lumberjack look can be perfectly complemented with a plaid flannel shirt, for example red. An oversize jacket made of good denim or corduroy will also go well with it

Elegant plaid shirt

If you want to create an elegant styling with a plaid shirt, you should let the bottom of the shirt fall into the pants. The material itself should be more delicate. A good solution will be choosing a madras or vichy check model. The colors themselves should not be too flashy. White will be good, but also beige, pink or green. Add a sports jacket (can be black or navy blue) and chinos. Remember, however, not to overdo it – if the shirt is checked, the jacket is not. A tie may be solid or patterned, but it is important to use color carefully. It is good to match it with the color of the check

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