Boxing – what should you know before you start training?

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Boxing – what should you know before you start training?

Boxing is an extremely interesting sport that enjoys enduring popularity. Spectacular, full of fast movements, agile dodges and perfect punches. It’s a sport for everyone, regardless of gender or age. All it takes is the desire to start training. But how do you get started in boxing? Find out what you need to be aware of and how to prepare for your first training sessions.

Basic information about boxing

To get started, here’s some basic information about boxing. In this sport, the fight is between two fighters. Only fists are allowed to be used, other blows are categorically forbidden. Any blows below the waist or the use of elbows, knees or head must not take place in the ring. The fight lasts about 2-3 minutes, and the whole thing lasts a maximum of 12 rounds. In between, breaks of about a minute are available. During the fight, there is always a referee in the ring to ensure that the rules are followed and the condition of the fighters. After each bout, the judges award points for each round, and the winner is the one who scored more points.

Some fights last less than a certain amount of time. It is enough that a knocked down boxer does not rise within 10 seconds. Such a situation is called a knockout. If it occurs, points are automatically scored by the opponent. After the knockout, the referee must check the condition of the fighter to find out whether he is able to continue the fight. If not, the whole thing is over before time, and the win is won by the opponent – at such a point, the points scored earlier do not count.

What does boxing training really give?

Boxing is not just a sport for those who want to get in amazing shape. Training affects mental state, self-confidence and mood. Above all, boxing teaches perseverance and regularity, making those who train better able to cope with everyday situations. In addition, it is a great way to release emotions, for example, after a hard day at work. Workouts help maintain mental balance and teach to control anger or even sadness. They are extremely useful for fearful people who struggle with social anxiety on a daily basis. For such people, boxing will be a great form of therapy.

However, boxing is not only about the psyche, but above all about physical form. Training strengthens the body, influences the growth of muscles and shapes the figure. Systematic boxing improves the function of many organs, including regulating the heart, thus increasing the chances of a longer, healthier life.

What does boxing training look like?

Training and consistency are the basics that must guide anyone involved in the world of boxing. When going for the first training, it’s good to think about the fact that this is just the beginning. Not everything will be beautiful and perfect, but over time fitness, agility and punches will improve, which will ensure not only a great physique, but also greater mental comfort.

Before getting down to fighting, you should learn the basics. Boxing training for beginners mainly includes learning: how to use dodges, how to keep your guard up and how to work your legs effectively. In addition, in the first training sessions, punches are taught and their correct delivery. Exercises are performed on punching bags or shields set up by a training partner. Important before starting real fights is also to strengthen the endurance of the body. In this case, not only physical fitness and agility are tested, but also the way of breathing during the exercises.

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