Is it worth buying a TV with a 100 Hz matrix?

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Is it worth buying a TV with a 100 Hz matrix?

When buying a TV, we are most often guided by the size of the screen, i.e. the diagonal. However, this is not the most important feature, although it is, of course, quite important when choosing a particular model. However, we want to look at another important issue, namely the refresh rate. Is it worth betting on a model with a matrix that refreshes the image at 100 Hz?

100 Hz vs. 50 Hz matrix – what are the differences?

Two types of matrices are used in modern TVs. The first is the one with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, while the second is the one we are most interested in today, namely 100 Hz. Leaving aside the details, the first matrix is the standard, it was already used in CRT TVs. Any TV with such a matrix reproduces the image smoothly, but only when objects appearing on the screen move slowly. In dynamic scenes, including those during superhero or sci-fi movies, there may be some distortions that will certainly not appeal to the skilled viewer. Outline blurring and jumping movement of objects when panning with the camera are key problems that users of 50 Hz TVs may encounter. 

On devices with a refresh rate of 100 Hz, what happens on the screen is refreshed twice as often. Consequently, due to the inertia of the human eye, which is unable to remember such a frequently adjusted image, we will not notice any shortcomings when watching a movie or sports. Processing the image in such a way ensures maximum smoothness of movement, it also affects the absence of any contour streaking. Of great importance here is also the image quality optimization system, which is found in high-end TVs. It is he who corrects unfavorable effects, which manifests itself in smoother scenes. Different manufacturers use variable solutions for 100 Hz matrices, examples being LG and its TruMotion or Samsung and Auto Motion Plus.

Faster matrix, better gaming experience

If you use a gaming console on a daily basis, you should bet on a TV with a refresh rate of 100 Hz. Only it will provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience. It will, of course, affect the smoothness of the image, which is crucial when playing online games. Moreover, it can change the face of a skirmish in war games or shooters. Of course, when buying a 100 Hz TV, you need to prepare for a higher cost of the device itself. Remember, however, that only modern productions for devices such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X are created in 120 Hz 4K, so on older games and consoles you won’t notice the difference.

Is it worth buying a 100 Hz TV?

The shorter the display time of a given image on the screen, the smoother the movie or game. Therefore, you can’t be surprised by users who are looking for the maximum experience and choose devices with 100 Hz playback frequency. Keep in mind, however, that you are facing a higher expense because of this. Also pay attention when buying to the year of manufacture of the device, newer models, with a smaller matrix, can be cheaper and still offer a better experience than the larger TVs of a few years ago.

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