What to store your smartphone in while running?

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What to store your smartphone in while running?

There is no shortage of outdoor running enthusiasts – both in summer and winter. However, there may be a problem with storing a smartphone while moving. Find out how to carry your phone safely while running!

Why should you be interested in how to store your device?

Safe storage of a smartphone is an important issue in terms of its proper operation. While running, it is exposed to a number of hazards. It can not only fall on hard pavement, but also get wet in water or stay on the bench during a stop. That’s why it’s so important to store it properly.

Additional challenges must also include the increasing size of the screens of manufactured smartphones. The next issue is that the running case should allow you to use the device’s functions at any time – without having to stand up to take it out, for example, from a backpack. What solutions are worth looking at?

Ring holder

One of the more convenient solutions is the ring handle. With the help of a rubber suction cup connected to the ring, the phone can be held while running. This allows you to turn on music, answer a call, send a text message or launch an application in an extremely short time. It’s worth looking around for an accessory with an additional palm strap, so your grip will be more secure.

The disadvantage of this solution may be that there is no additional space for a card or keys. In addition, there is still some chance of letting the device fall out of your hand, and its surface is not protected from water. 

Hip belt with smartphone pocket

The belt placed on the hips, as a rule, does not restrain the movement of the hands and you can also tuck additional small items such as keys, card or tissues into it. It allows you to keep your phone with you while running and does not require you to hold the device directly in your hand. 

The downside of this piece of equipment is that you have to spend some time finding a product that fits your body shape. Another issue is related to the possible wetting of the smartphone due to heavy rain or sweat. Therefore, it is recommended to use an additional bag with a zipper.

Shoulder band

The arm band is one of the basic items of equipment for a runner. A big advantage is that you can find many varieties of cases in stores. 

Standard products are made of elastic material that adjusts to the circumference of the biceps. As a rule, there is a piece of plastic on the outside. It allows you to control the functions of your smartphone by touch. If this is not needed, you can opt for a pocket made entirely of fabric.

Disadvantages include frequent change of position on the hand. The case can slip off while running. Also, sometimes small sizes are not available, making it difficult for those with slender arms to use. 

Hydration vests and water packs

This is an option for runners who regularly cover longer distances. The vests help maintain proper body temperature, provide ventilation, and have room for water, small items and a smartphone.

The downside is a higher price, fairly difficult access to the device if one wants to use it while moving, and more weight. This can be especially problematic if the runner takes water with them.

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