Home gym equipment – what should it contain?

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Home gym equipment – what should it contain?

What equipment should find its place in the home gym? What should be taken into account when choosing them? It is known, after all, that a mini gym at home is a great idea if you do not have time to commute to it every day. Thanks to this, we will also not have to spend money on passes

What are the advantages of a home gym?

It is worth taking another look at the advantages of having a gym in, for example, a garage or basement. Such placement of the exercise space allows not only to save time, but also to use even short breaks to perform even a few exercises. In addition, for each piece of equipment we are the only ones in line and we do not have to wait. You also do not have to worry about the lack of hygiene, which can be a problem in often visited gyms. It is us who decide what music flows from the speakers. We also do not have to stress that performing exercises poorly, we will expose ourselves to ridicule – this is important especially for beginners

What are the disadvantages of home gyms?

Unfortunately, but the gym at home also has disadvantages. First of all, you need a lot of space, and it’s not always possible to fit all the equipment in the basement anyway. Your own gym is also associated with considerable costs at the beginning of its organization. Finally, we can do exercises wrong and there will be no one to correct them and show us how to do them correctly.

Must have home gym. What should not be missing?

Home gym is usually created as a result of completing the equipment, but you can also buy equipment according to a certain plan. What should be in such a place?

Non-slip mat

This is not a piece of exercise equipment, but it can also play an important role. Safety should be valued during home exercises. Many times, an anti-slip mat can save us from injury.

Small training accessories

Small and inconspicuous, but often very useful. We are talking primarily about the mat to exercise, but also jumping rope and rubber mini bands.

Equipment for cardio exercises

Very often in home gyms the problem is too little space. It is worth arranging the space in such a way that at least one slightly larger cardio exercise device will fit in. In a situation of a real deficit of usable space, a stationary exercise bicycle will be the best choice. An orbiter can also be an alternative. Treadmill? An option rather for those who have a slightly larger gym and plan to spend more money on its equipment.

Equipment for conducting strength training

If there is something else we can fit in our gym, it should be a set of barbells with weights, a flat bench, racks and a barbell bar. It is a good idea to have a set of barbells, weighted benches, flat benches, racks and an extension bar, so that you don’t have to rush to the gym to do some challenging strength training. What is necessary, we will have at home

A few dumbbells and kettlebells

Another simple training accessories that are used in many exercises. A very good solution is to complete at least a few dumbbells and kettlebells with different weights. This will add a lot of variety to your workout.

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