What to look for when choosing a ride-on mower

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What to look for when choosing a ride-on mower

A ride-on mower is a great convenience for people who like to take care of their garden. It is a great solution for owners of large plots of land. What are its advantages and disadvantages? What to pay special attention to when buying? You will find out in the article below

Is the ride-on lawnmower a good choice? Advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of buying a ride-on mower is that it makes gardening easier and faster. It only takes a while to mow the lawn and it’s also fun for those who like to ride around on a mini tractor

Unfortunately, such devices will not work everywhere. The basic barrier is the price. Such a mower is rather not worth buying where the area of mowed lawn is less than 1000 m2. For smaller areas, a traditional petrol or electric mower will be a much more cost-effective choice.

How does a ride-on mower work?

You can get on the ride-on mower, set the desired height of cut and start cutting the lawn. The two basic types are riders and riding tractors


The main difference between these two types is that riders have the blades mounted in front of the machine. This allows for much greater precision in mowing, among other things. Riders are also more maneuverable, which is made possible by the articulated steering.

Self-propelled tractors

In the case of these machines, mowing is done by blades mounted underneath the machine. What’s extra fun is that the steering is analogous to that of a car. Unfortunately, but it negatively affects the mobility and maneuverability of the vehicle. This can be problematic if you want to precisely mow the lawn

What to look for when buying a ride-on mower?

Such a device should primarily have:

  • adequate engine power – here we are forced to make a decision and bet either on greater efficiency of the equipment, or on lower fuel consumption. It will often be a compromise, which will allow us to properly adjust the device to the area of lawn, which we have to mow;
  • the cutting width you need – in this case, it’s a question of how big the lawn needs to be. For the largest areas, you should think about a cutting width of over 100cm. This way, mowing a lawn will no longer be a tedious and lengthy chore;
  • comfortable seat – it translates directly into comfort and convenience of work. Remember that riding a lawn tractor and mowing the lawn should be fun and not cause back pain;
  • large capacity grass catcher – thanks to it you will be able to collect the cut grass without having to rake it

A self-propelled lawnmower can have additional functions

  • mulching – thanks to this function we can achieve maximum crumbling of the mowed grass;
  • soil aeration – the aerator additionally aerates the soil

For whom is a ride-on mower a good solution?

It’s certainly not for those who only mow a small lawn in front of their house. It’s also not necessarily suitable for owners of uneven plots of land – in this case, a petrol lawnmower would work better. A ride-on mower, on the other hand, is ideal for those who need to mow an area of more than 1000 m2. It’s also about being able to freely manoeuvre the equipment on the plot. This choice means that a job that used to be spread over several stages can now be done in one day. Although the cost of a ride-on mower is quite high, it is certainly worth investing in it.

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