SAP Fiori – How can it benefit your business

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SAP Fiori – How can it benefit your business

SAP Fiori, designed for use by the SAP systems, is a design language or design system which helps businesses create a better user experience. It has been designed specifically for SAP applications and is only compatible with those. It comprises a number of specific applications which are useful for the daily workings of a business. Some examples of the same would include financial applications, work approvals, calculation apps, and some other self-service products. It provides its services in various verticals and departments in a business, including Manufacturing, Finance, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Sales, Human Resources, and Procurement, to name a few. 

Origin of the SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori was designed when it was discovered that all businesses and users of SAP used the SAP User Interface in attempts to access applications. Most of these applications included the most commonly used applications designed for Employer-Employee communications and interactions. Some examples of these interactions are Travel and Leave requests. As a result of this, the Graphic User Interface utilized hundreds and thousands of screens. This led to a realization that some processes needed to be streamlined, thus paving the way for SAP Fiori. 

SAP Fiori provides applications that allow individuals to start work on a desktop or personal computer and then continue it on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. It allows such flexibility over multiple device applications, thereby reducing the number of GUI screens created. All of the Fiori Applications of SAP Fiori have been created based on the user interface UI5. 

SAP Fiori can also be combined with other SAP Products like the SAP HANA to make the user experience even better. In this case, the application and system provide an unmatched quality response of the application as well as the reduced time of query- execution. 

Types of SAP Fiori Applications

Based on the requirements for infrastructural design as well as the function that they are designed to perform, SAP Fiori applications can be divided into three types: Fact Sheets, Transactional Applications, as well as Analytical Applications.

  • Fact Sheets: Fact sheets present all of the contextual information about a central or main topic or object. It is sort of like a 360-degree view of an object which often plays a key role in common business operations. With SAP Fiori, navigating between sheets containing related concepts and information becomes easier. As far as infrastructural requirements are concerned, the SAP Fiori applications require SAP HANA as well as ABAP stack to function smoothly.
  • Transactional Applications: You can navigate to transactional applications through Fact Sheets as well. Transactional Applications are those which deal with basic processes of employer-employee engagement like leave requests. It was one of the first types of apps to be launched with the creation of SAP Fiori. These applications enable users to easily and quickly navigate operations from their mobile devices.
  • Analytical Applications: In order to efficiently deal with strategizing about key business operations and Key performance indexes in real-time, the Analytical Applications come in handy. These applications help in handling big chunks of data and processing it to find the key pointers or data points in them. 

Design Guidelines for SAP Fiori

The SAP Fiori UI5 is designed on the basis of 5 main design principles.

  • Role-Based: To offer customizable services, allowing users to be able to get the SAP system adapted to the way they wish to have their business operations worked out, SAP removed a lot of SAP transactions, thereafter combining them into interactive applications. These interactive applications then only display the most relevant information to the users.
  • Response: SAP Fiori, when combined with other SAP products, for example, the SAP HANA, becomes a force to reckon with, providing the best response time.
  • Delightful: Providing an overall delightful working experience for all SAP users, the SAP Fiori allows users to complete all of their tasks quickly and efficiently. This is made possible with the ECC 6.0, with which the SAP Fiori is designed to work harmoniously. 
  • Simple: To make it easily workable by even the most non-tech savvy users, the SAP Fiori is designed to be easy.
  • Coherent:SAP Fiori has a consistent construction which makes for a seamless and coherent experience no matter the platform.

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