What size laptop to choose?

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What size laptop to choose?

Many people say that the size of a laptop is not among those parameters that are most important in terms of proper functioning of the device. However, this is not the case

Why is the right size of a laptop so important?

When it comes to the exact dimensions of a laptop, they are very important in the context of how the device is used, as well as what the user’s work characteristics require. That’s why smaller or larger dimensions are so important, whether it’s to further increase the comfort of the travel, or simply to ensure a large enough field of view. At the same time, one must not forget about the technical parameters, that is, the aspects on which the functioning of the device depends.

The size of the laptop is also important due to other issues. It often happens that additional accessories are fitted to the device, for example, covers or cooling pads. In such situations, you can’t afford to make a mistake, because improperly matched dimensions can result in the additional accessories being useless and having to buy completely new ones.

Smaller sized laptops at first

It would seem that a small laptop can have a diagonal size of no less than 13 inches. Nothing could be further from the truth. Manufacturers are not afraid to bet on unconventional or simply bold solutions and put on really small screens

For those who particularly care about the compactness of the device will check models that are equipped with screens with diagonal of 8/9/10 inches. It is these three formats that are most often chosen by users who care about the ergonomics of the place, but still want to use the full range of capabilities of their laptops. Despite the fact that the screen itself is not much larger than large smartphones or tablets, they offer a lot of functionality through better navigation of individual functions or simply access to Office or other programs, for example for photo and video editing, which are not available on smartphones or tablets

As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that on the market there are available screen sizes from 8 to 10 inches, laptops with a screen size of 13 inches are still the most commonly associated with small size devices. This is the equipment most often chosen by students and teachers. It is really handy and provides great functionality. In addition, its screen is quite readable and you can’t see a significant difference between bigger laptop models. This makes devices with a screen size of 13 inches best suited for school classes, lectures or for completing documents on the go.

Medium and large screens – what can users of such devices count on?

When it comes to medium and large screens, it’s safe to say that this is a category that includes probably the most popular laptop models that are available on the market. They offer the most functionality, and the options for selection also allow you to purchase devices with a touch screen or in a 2in1 format, where the laptop monitor can also serve as a tablet

The group of medium-sized laptops can include those whose screen diagonal is between 14 and 16 inches. This guarantees an excellent field of view. At the same time they are very elegant, because they are not too large and often manufacturers decide to optically slim their housing, using, for example, thin frames. Laptops of medium size are perfect for all who are looking for a solution that works well during travel or work in the field. Thanks to them you can easily make a presentation, edit multimedia or show the client a draft contract or order

The so-called royal category, i.e. laptops with the largest dimensions, definitely includes devices with a screen diagonal of seventeen inches. Such devices are most often used as gaming laptops or for advanced multimedia processing. The rather large casing also hides excellent components that provide amazing performance. Due to their size they may not be very comfortable to use during travel, but you can find models that will also work in these conditions.

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