Where will glass doors work well?

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Where will glass doors work well?

Glass doors can let additional light into a room or be an elegant addition to an interior design. Their use is varied, and to realize their potential, it is worth learning more about the materials of manufacture and varieties. See where glass doors will work well!

Glass interior doors

This fixture will work great in the middle of a room. You can fit it into a classic, industrial or modern decor. The large number of varieties of installation and finishing makes it easy to match the glass door to the interior design.

Glass doors can be used as an entrance to the bathroom, shower room, or closing the pantry in the kitchen. They will also fulfill the function of covering the space where unclean clothes, household chemicals or cosmetics are stored.

The right variety of glass will also provide privacy. That is why glass doors are so often used in dressing rooms, entrances to bedrooms, living rooms or the property itself. They make the interior space appear larger and more visually interesting.

Glass exterior doors

In this case, large panes of glass embedded in a frame are most often used. It is worth noting that glass does not have to be the main material of construction, but a complement, for example, wooden or metal doors. 

Exterior doors made of glass or with elements of this material can have an opaque structure, which will affect greater privacy. You also do not have to worry about maintaining the furnishings in proper condition – glass does not corrode, nor does it collect dust and dirt, and the surface is simple to clean. What’s more, you can put your logo or favorite design on it.

The most popular varieties of glass doors

The standard variety is the single-leaf type, where a pivot hinge on one side of the frame allows you to open the other side of the door from the wall. Most often they can be tilted, and can be opened outward or inward. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

French doors are considered an attractive addition to the interior design. These are two single swinging leaves that open away from each other. The classic design usually includes glass panels framed in wood and opening inward.

The sliding type can also be included in this group. This fixture opens to the side, instead of outward or inward, and slides along the frame. This solution is recommended for those who want a larger glass surface on the wall, and works especially well for access to a balcony, terrace or garden.

The most commonly used types of glass for production

For outdoor projects, tempered glass is a good solution. It is distinguished by its resistance to temperature fluctuations, mechanical impact, and in case of breakage it breaks into small crystals, which affects greater safety.

Annealed glass will also be a good choice. It is formed by a process in which the natural stresses of the surface are removed. Manufacturers use it for shower enclosures, including doors.

What finish to opt for – examples

Manufacturers offer many more options than transparent or frosted glass, which allows you to choose a variety of finishes to match the characteristics of any space. In a bathroom or dressing room, it is worth using a sandblasted surface that imitates frost. It lets in light, but at the same time provides privacy.

For the garden, front door or kitchen you can choose textured glass. During production, various geometric patterns are embossed on the surface of the material. This can be the effect of bubbles, flowers or rainwater.

main photo: unsplash.com/Andrea Davis

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