Paintings and posters at home – how to arrange them stylishly?

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Paintings and posters at home – how to arrange them stylishly?

How to properly arrange the placement of paintings, posters or photo frames on the wall? After all, the finish of the entire room depends on it! So it’s worth learning some valuable tips that are sure to make this task easier. In today’s guide we will describe them all! 

Where on the wall to hang the picture?

You have decided to buy your dream artwork, but you are not sure where to hang it? It all depends on how much space there is on the wall, as well as the dimensions and style and color scheme of a particular decoration. A small kitchen or a small dining room are rooms where it is best to use paintings of small size. In spacious interiors, including the living room, they could go unnoticed. On the other hand, in smaller ones they will blend in perfectly with the characteristics of the room. A large canvas, on the other hand, will work just fine in the living room, because it will effectively complement the empty spaces on the wall. A small graphic, or even a few of them, can also take up residence in the hallway, here we recommend, among other things, family photos. 

However, in what place on the wall is it worth placing images? Preferably in the middle of the height of the room, so you won’t get a negative effect, which could show that the picture is hung unevenly. However, this is not all. It is good if graphics or canvases appear above specific room finishes. Nothing prevents them from appearing next to a table in the dining room, while in the living room, on the other hand, they appear above a corner or opposite a TV set, if the latter is placed on the wall. It is best to bet on places where there is emptiness and evidently no additional elements that could change the style in which the interior is finished.

Theme, color and frame – which to choose?

Graphics can directly affect the mood of the household, so it is worth betting on a thoughtful option. In bright and modern interiors, geometry, equal shapes in black and white will certainly be a good option. It will not hurt to add another color, contrasting with the others. Spacious rooms are excellent places for posters with bright colors, preferably pastel. Also remember to choose a picture frame for a particular interior. Match its color scheme according to temperature, and also check whether the area around the picture is missing a trim piece of similar or the same color.

Can paintings change the character of a room?

Matching the color, size or style in which a particular painting was prepared is not enough. It is also worthwhile to decide to change the arrangement of the room by choosing the right canvas. It should stand out from the rest of the room’s finishing touches. A great example of this would be paintings based on realistic photographs, they will bring an elegant style to the interior. Modern art, where you can see striking brushstrokes, is a great choice for newly built or renovated rooms, where every detail matters. Modernist productions, on the other hand, will transport you to a mysterious world ideal for dreamers. Of course, the final choice of a particular painting or poster is up to you. We hope we have made this challenge a little easier.

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