How to attach the camera to the bike?

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How to attach the camera to the bike?

How to attach the camera to the bike, so that it is fixed permanently and fully performs its function? When buying sports recording equipment for cyclists, more and more attention is paid to the ease of mounting. What do you need to know first of all?

Which camera for a bike?

Before we deal with mounts, it is worth devoting a few words to sports cameras for bicycles themselves. What should be the equipment like? The market of devices designed to record cycling is quite large. Choosing a relatively good model is therefore not easy. What to focus on?


First of all, a sports camera for cycling must be durable. It is about resistance to different types of stimuli. It is good that the housing is relatively strong in case the equipment falls or accidentally hits. It is also necessary that the casing is waterproof – without it the functioning of our equipment can be suddenly and irreversibly interrupted by the first better downpour on the route. And this one is not so difficult to find.


Actually it is about resolution and frame rate, but the first parameter is more commonly used. The standard is FullHD, but more and more models have the ability to record much more detailed, namely 2K and 4K. Why is it so important? Thanks to modern technologies we get, among other things, the possibility of more complex video processing

Operation and additional features

A sports camera should of course be easy and intuitive to use. Among additional functions we will find GPS or Wi-Fi useful on the road. Thanks to the last one we can very quickly upload recorded material to the network

Which way of mounting a camera on a bike?

The right way to mount a camera is an extremely important issue. We must be aware of the fact that often during a ride we rush with considerable speed. We should then think about steering a bike, not about whether a camera worth some money will not detach from a not good enough mount. In case of off-road riding, you may lose the equipment. When we ride on asphalt, the result may be no better – the equipment will not serve us well if it is smashed against the surface

What should be the mounting system?

Among the required advantages of such a mounting the most often mentioned are robustness, stability and versatility. Apart from the certainty that the equipment will not fall off, we should be able to choose a convenient place to mount the camera. Alternatively we should bet on such mount, which can be expanded with additional elements, so that it is possible to record from a bike frame, but also from a helmet or our chest

Types of bike mounts for sports camera. What are they?

Properly selected bike mount for sports camera is one of the components of successful recording of cycling training. What types of such equipment are available? The most common are straight mounts or mounts with rotating ball head. The last type of mount allows great freedom in determining the angle of recording. The camera is usually mounted on a frame or handlebar. An integral part of the device is rubber that provides shock absorption and proper grip for the camera. Some copies also allow you to mount a smartphone or powerbank

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