How to decorate a small balcony?

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How to decorate a small balcony?

If you have a small balcony in your apartment, do not write it off as clutter. After all, you can find space for your bike, vegetables and other items in the garage or basement. It’s better to get creative and use the extra square metres to your advantage and create a pleasant place to spend time. Our tips will help you do just that.

Where to start?

The first thing you need to do before planning your balcony project is clean up. Clear the space and remove unnecessary items and trash. Check the balcony slab and its condition – in many old buildings the balcony slab simply can’t be weighted down and this should be taken into account when choosing furniture or pots. Also carefully check the dimensions of your balcony to estimate what you can put and where you can put it. Once you have an outline of the plan, you can start looking for furniture and the necessary materials.

How do I decorate my balcony?

First, take care to optically enlarge the small space. To do this you can use light colors, such as white, cream or pastel shades, as well as gloss. Glossy surfaces are also able to visually enlarge the interior and give it lightness thanks to light reflections.

You can decorate your balcony in any style you like, but it should match the decor of the whole apartment or house. Remember not to overwhelm such a small area with excessive details and trinkets. Every unnecessary thing will take away your priceless square centimeters.

When choosing furniture for a small balcony focus on models that will add lightness to the space – wicker chairs, a table with glass or hanging shelves. However, try not to overload the walls, otherwise there is a risk that the balcony will turn into a clutter again.

Interesting design

The balcony, just like the other rooms in the apartment, can have its own unique style – from boho to modern. It all depends on your preferences and the main purpose of the balcony space. Below we will discuss the most interesting design ideas suitable for a small balcony:

  • eastern style – suitable for those who like oriental atmosphere and would love to drink a cup of aromatic tea on the balcony. Such an interior is distinguished by the presence of warm colors on the walls and ceiling, furniture with lots of colorful pillows, as well as elements decorated with floral and oriental motifs;
  • French style – ideal for those who like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and eat a croissant. Here perfectly fit pastel colors, wrought iron elements, lots of live plants, beautiful lamps and folding wooden chairs;
  • eco style – for several years has not lost its popularity, just like the Scandinavian style. Natural materials – stone and wood – are used for decoration. In addition, the decor is complemented by the ubiquitous plants in pots and boxes;
  • minimalism – is best suited for small spaces. It is characterized by strict, clear lines, symmetry and lack of unnecessary details, as well as natural materials and monochromatic colors.

Balcony – loggia

Balcony in the apartment can become not only a cozy, beautifully decorated place to rest, but also a functional room. Some people decide to completely glaze it. In this way a loggia is created, which becomes an extension of the living space. Such a solution, of course, requires the services of a professional, but has one undoubted advantage – the balcony is suitable for use all year round, and the new room can be adapted into a reading room, orangery or work corner.

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