How to decorate the interior in boho style?

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How to decorate the interior in boho style?

It’s the perfect time for all free spirits! Boho style is making a comeback and winning the hearts of homebuyers and interior designers.

Known for its emphasis on unconventional and richly colored elements, boho décor offers a great way to express individuality and love for different cultures.

How to successfully introduce boho style into your home?

Ubiquitous plants, natural colors, original furniture and handcrafted accessories. The essence of boho style is to take risks and break the rules of classical interior design. Design experts say that the key to achieving a modern boho look is to start with a neutral base and apply successive layers so as to achieve an eclectic but consistent character.

The art of mixing patterns, colors, eras and textures is certainly not for everyone, but once you try and once you’ve mastered this vibrant, artistic vibe, there’s no turning back.

We can invite boho style into our home with traditional macramé wallpaper, colorful kilims, fancy beaded chandeliers, indoor trees and succulent plants that we have grown ourselves and thus create a cozy living room or bedroom. One of the best things about this undeniably artistic look is that it can be achieved without having to spend a lot of money – especially since we are able to do a lot of things ourselves. Here’s our round-up of boho inspiration for beginners.


While there are no rigid rules in this area when it comes to decorating boho style interiors, warm, earthy colors are common, as are metallic tones or gemstone hues.

Consider deep browns, greens and grays as base colors, and then complement them with saturated purple, fiery orange or magical blue. It is largely the blending and layering of different colors that makes this style so unique.

Decorative materials

As the opposite of minimalism, modernity and elegance, boho adheres to the “more is more” philosophy. The key to using decorative materials in a boho living room or bedroom is to mix and match them. Natural, basic materials such as jute and sisal can be combined successfully with silk and chenille. Materials should have a slightly worn look, exaggerated glossiness spoils the whole effect.

Tassels, crochet and macramé, cushions, curtains and rugs… all these elements combine to create a cozy, inspiring meeting place. Canopies over the beds and living area are also characteristic boho decorations.

Boho furniture

Something you won’t find in a regular store. As a rule, boho rooms are filled with furniture collected over time, these are second-hand and vintage items. Each piece of furniture should be unique and tell a story. Therefore, decorating the interior can be fun – in discovering local vintage stores and choosing each piece individually.

What to look for? Plush armchairs and sofas in saturated colors certainly add a boho atmosphere. Add rugs or stuffed floor cushions to create a welcoming atmosphere for sitting on the floor. Furniture with a streamlined or straight back will not fit here, it is good to choose comfortable pieces that give a sense of relaxation just from looking at them, such as chaise lounges, recliners or butterfly chairs.

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