How to dress for a job interview in the summer?

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How to dress for a job interview in the summer?

The outfit for a job interview should be in accordance with the general dress code. Unfortunately, in the summer, when the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, adjusting the specific styling is not easy. So how to approach it properly, in order to feel at ease and look elegant at the same time?

What to wear to a job interview in the summer – women

When you know that your possible future company does not have a dress code, you can afford to be a bit casual. However, this doesn’t mean that a tracksuit set will be a good option. In fact, you still need to exercise some restraint and not commit a fashion gaff. First of all, you need to put aside all styles that will highlight too much, including mini skirts or thin-strapped blouses. Don’t wear flip-flops, athletic shoes or sandals. The standard attire for a job interview – even in the summer – is a white shirt, preferably cut to fit around your waist. In addition, cigarette pants, and when it comes to shoes, it is best to opt for ballerinas or moccasins. Importantly, in summer you do not need to wear a jacket, which, of course, looks more elegant, but unfortunately can affect your mood and thermal comfort. Pants made of light, airy fabric will be an excellent solution, they do not have to be suit pants, just bet on a palazzo.

You can not forget about the color scheme, business shades are mainly white and navy blue. Gray and soft pastels can also be acceptable in this case. Black, of course, is also a business color, but as we know, in summer it is not conducive to thermal comfort. 

Summer outfit accessories for women

There are several accessories without which a woman’s interview outfit will be too poor. What exactly can you choose? Of course, the most important is a handbag, preferably an elegant, small evening bag. As for the material, leather will prove to be a great choice. In addition, take sunglasses with you in the summer, wear jewelry, but remember not to overdo it. Sets with pearls will work great here. A watch is another accessory that can positively affect your styling, we recommend choosing elegant models, small and with delicate colors. Finally, the hairstyle, here you can bet on a low bun or a low ponytail tied with a scarf, such styles are received best.

Job interview – outfit for men

No matter what, a man can not give up formal attire even in summer. Nevertheless, there is a way to feel comfortable during this period – just bet on clothing created from natural fabrics, such as linen, loosely woven wool can also be a good choice. On the market you can find summer suits made of such materials that will perfectly complement your styling. Don’t forget an airy, preferably white cotton shirt, delicate pastels also come into play here. If the company does not require a formal dress code, you can bet on comfortable, classic chinos. On the other hand, avoid short-sleeved shirts, shoes that uncover the foot, so sandals or flip-flops, as well as T-shirts and short shorts. Such a selected styling will make a positive impression on your future boss.

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