Drinking coffee positively affects health

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Drinking coffee positively affects health

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Over the years, many myths have been created about it. One of them is its negative effect on heart function. Doctors and scientists have checked how it really is

For many people drinking coffee is a daily ritual without which they cannot imagine a day. However, research shows that many Poles fear its negative impact on their health. According to a study conducted by the Foundation “Food, Physical Activity and Health”, almost half of the respondents fear palpitations and insomnia after drinking more than two cups a day. However, Professor Artur Mamcarz, MD, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical University of Warsaw, in an interview with newseria.pl indicates that there is nothing to be afraid of

A few years ago in “Circulation”, an American journal which discusses various medical and cardiological problems, the results of a study were published, indicating that the recommended safe amount of coffee is three to five cups a day. Then the optimal effect of coffee on cardiovascular health occurs. This is the amount of moderate consumption.

Professor Mamcarz also points out that the effects of coffee on the cardiovascular system do not have to be negative.

Coffee and tea contain the same compound – in coffee it’s called caffeine, and in tea it’s called theine. A similar compound is also found in yerba mate. Taste and appearance of coffee, tea or yerba mate depend on additional substances, but polyphenolic compounds contained in these drinks raise blood pressure only for a while. However, if we look at the effect of a large amount of coffee, we can even observe a certain blood pressure lowering effect, because coffee has diuretic, dehydrating effects. Therefore,this dehydration – not large, not clinically significant – causes us to observe a drop in blood pressure.

Source: newseria.pl

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