How to clean white sneakers?

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How to clean white sneakers?

White shoes look fashionable, aesthetically pleasing and elegant, but usually only for the first few days.

Just walk in them to the park or accidentally hit a rainy day, and the shoes begin to look like they are many years old. We have a way to do this, which will save not only the shoes, but also our savings. All you need to do is properly take care of your white sneakers, and all the stains and dirt will easily disappear from them.

Gray soap for light dirt 

The safest way to clean snow-white shoes requires the use of gray soap. This product is completely safe for the skin and for different types of plastics. With the help of gray soap, you can regain the former shine of sneakers, ballerinas, pumps or even moccasins.

Getting down to cleaning white sneakers with gray soap, you should first get rid of the laces. These can be washed separately, either by hand or in a washing machine. The shoes themselves, however, require much more work. To start, you need to prepare a bowl of water, to which you add soap. It is good to use a liquid product. Such soap dissolves quickly and forms with the water the mixture needed for cleaning. After thorough mixing, just take a soft cloth, such as microfiber, soak it in the water, wring it out of the excess liquid and get down to washing. The entire shoe should be wiped thoroughly, rubbing off the soiled areas. Harder to reach points can be washed out with a toothbrush. The whole mixture can be left on the shoe for a dozen or more minutes. After this time, the soapy agent should be wiped off with a dry cloth, and the footwear should be left to dry.

For heavier dirt – baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

What to do if gray soap didn’t work? The best way is to make a special mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It is enough to mix these ingredients in a ratio of 1:1. In this way you get a liquid, thick mixture that displaces all the dirt. Such a remedy is enough to spread on the shoes and leave for about 30 minutes. After this time, the whole thing should be thoroughly washed off with a wet cloth. After drying, you can enjoy clean shoes that look like they came straight out of the box.

To the rescue when time is short – vinegar

The two methods described above require time, but what if you lack it? Just take a soft cloth and vinegar. You don’t need to stir anything or leave it for a certain amount of time. Just wipe the dirty shoes with a cloth soaked in vinegar, and a good part of the dirt will come right off the material. To prevent any damage, it is a good idea to then wipe the shoes with a dampened cloth to wash off the vinegar residue. In this way, you can leave the house in clean shoes, without wasting more than a few minutes on the entire cleaning.

Yellowed white shoes – how to save?

White shoes that have begun to yellow can be saved! It is not necessary to get rid of them. A good idea would be to use vinegar or soda. In the case of cleaning the soles themselves, you can try a milk cleaner, such as bathroom cleaner. Just apply a little of the product to a cloth, and then wash the sole with it. For better results, the whole thing can be left for several minutes. If the situation requires it, it is worth using a brush, which will cope better with the removal of dirt than a simple soft cloth.

Regardless of the substances used – the whole thing should eventually be cleaned with an ordinary cloth moistened with water. This will prevent further processes that could weaken the material of the footwear and contribute to its faster deterioration.

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